Fall Foliage

Fall colors of the Smoky MountainsThe Pigeon Forge fall foliage brings thousands of visitors to the area year after year. Fall is a great time to visit Pigeon Forge because you have a wonderful view of the Great Smoky Mountains and you’re only a few short minutes from all of the fun attractions and great places to experience the fall colors. Here’s a few answers to the most popular questions about the Pigeon Forge fall foliage:

Questions About Pigeon Forge Fall Foliage

When do the Pigeon Forge fall colors peak?

Historical records indicate that fall colors are best during the last three weeks of October. Altitude affects the schedule, of course. Above 4,000 feet, the colors may start to show earlier, sometimes even the last week of fall and the first week of October. In the foothills, at the lowest elevations, the best fall colors can last until the first and even second week of November. So, if you want to see the fall colors, you are best to visit during the month of October.

What determines the best fall colors?

Both the amount of moisture and temperature can affect when the color arrives and peaks in the mountains. The timing of the first frost can determine the intensity and timing of color as well. Summer drought can cause leaves to change sooner, and dry summers plus a wet September can cause intense, extensive fall color. In other words, not even the “experts” can tell us with great accuracy about the timing and intensity of peak color because there’s so many unpredictable factors.

Where is the best fall color found?View of the fall trees in the mountains

Great color can be found almost anywhere within the 800 square miles of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The area around the Sugarlands Visitor Center is great for seeing the reds and yellows of the Sugar Maple trees. Newfound Gap Road is also a wonderful place to experience all of the fall colors on the auto tour.

Tips for Seeing Pigeon Forge Fall Foliage

Don’t forge that the Pigeon Forge fall foliage is one of the most popular reasons for visitors to make their way to the area. This means that the highly visited areas may be a little busy, so be sure to plan your trip accordingly, just leaving a little extra time for each location. These include Cades Cove, Newfound Gap Road and the Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail. While, of course, these areas are a must see when you visit in the fall, you just want to plan your day so you have plenty of time to enjoy the fall colors at each spot!

We hope you’ll start planning your vacation to see the Pigeon Forge fall foliage right away. Go ahead and take a look at all of the latest information about Pigeon Forge and the things to do in the area by clicking HERE.