The origins of the tourism industry in Pigeon Forge (and the Smoky Mountains region in general) date back to 1930 when the federal government first christened the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Prior to that time the area was primarily populated by people employed by the lumber industry. From 1930 until now the Smoky Mountains region has undergone a lot of change. Today the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is one of the most visited tourist destinations in all of North America. As the fame of the area has grown, local cities such as Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg have expanded rapidly alongside. Today Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are world-class resort cities which cater to the every whim of vacationers from all over North America and the world.

One of the great things about Pigeon Forge is that, despite being a full-fledged resort city that offers a multitude of recreational activities to tourists, it’s also nestled right amongst the Smokies. So vacationers can easily jump back and forth between the mountains and the city center. Of all the lodging opportunities provided in the Smoky Mountains, perhaps the most popular are Tennessee mountain cabins. These beautifully constructed log cabins allow people to experience the all-natural beauty of the Smoky Mountains themselves, while being only minutes away from all the attractions of downtown Pigeon Forge.

There are more entertainment options available in Pigeon Forge than could possibly be listed here. One of the real highlights is Dollywood- the famous theme park named after Pigeon Forge’s most famous citizen, Dolly Parton. This park offers thrill rides, a fun-filled water-park for the kids, and plenty of Smoky Mountain cultural charm. Another popular attraction is the Old Mill- where you can explore some old time Smoky Mountain architecture and enjoy some delicious old-style cooking where they “stubbornly adhere to the traditions of the past the ensure quality”. For those who are looking for more modern flare, the Speed Zone fun park is another popular attraction in Pigeon Forge. Here the family can enjoy some competitive racing that is both safe and fun.

The theater district is another of the real highlights of Pigeon Forge attractions. Among the many theaters, covering almost every imaginable entertainment style, some favorites include: the Black Bear Jamboree- which offers a combination dinner and show that the whole family will enjoy, the Comedy Barn- where laughs are the main event, and the Terry Evanswood’s “Grand Illusion Show”- which offers an amazing collection of comedy, magic, and exciting illusions.

There are also numerous musical theaters that showcase local talent from Pigeon Forge. These include the Smoky Mountain Jubilee and the Triumphant Quartet Show. The Louise Mandrell Theatre spotlights another of Pigeon Forge’s most famous musical superstars. Considering Tennessee is in the heart of the South, there’s no surprise that Pigeon Forge offers plenty of country music entertainment as well. Major country music theaters include the Country Tonite Theater and the Classic Country Theater.

There are many ways to get around in Pigeon Forge- these include walking and driving. Many people like to stroll through the city so as to not miss anything. If you’re looking for a kind of transportation that’s unique to the Smoky Mountains however, the Pigeon Forge Trolley Ride is a popular way to get around town. It’ll save you from having to negotiate traffic and it’ll get you where you’re going in old time style. The Pigeon Forge Trolley ride covers locations in both Pigeon Forge and Sevierville.

Pigeon Forge is certainly much more than an out of the way Tennessee town on the outskirts of the Smoky Mountain wilderness. It is an exciting recreational resort city that offers first-class entertainment to those vacationing in the Smoky Mountains. The recreational options in Pigeon Forge include live theaters, musical shows, museums, theme parks, Smoky Mountain cuisine, and much more. Pigeon Forge, and all that it offers, gives you just one more great reason to make your next holiday getaway to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.