5 Fun & Affordable Things To Do in Pigeon Forge on a Budget

5 Fun & Affordable Things To Do in Pigeon Forge on a Budget

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun in Pigeon Forge. In fact, you may be surprised by all of the fun and affordable things to do in Pigeon Forge on a budget available to you and your group while you are vacationing here. To find out what all of these exciting activities are, read below!

1. Enjoy a Picnic

Patriot Park in Pigeon ForgePicnics are always a fun excuse for you and your family or group to spend some time outside enjoying nature during your trip. Not to mention, they are a very affordable alternative to dining out at a restaurant because you can prepare the meals yourself instead of having to pay for them and tipping a server. This is why picnics top our list of our favorite things to do in Pigeon Forge on a budget.

The best places to enjoy a picnic in Pigeon Forge include:

  • Patriot Park next to The Old Mill
  • Wear Farm City Park off of Wears Valley Road
  • Anywhere near the Little Pigeon River

Country Tonite music show in Pigeon Forge sign at night2. Look For Free Child Admission at Pigeon Forge Shows

In Pigeon Forge, we are very fortunate to be home to a variety of fun and family-friendly shows. These shows offer a variety of entertainment, including music, comedy, dancing, and fun. Best of all, many of them also provide free admission for kids. Meaning, you and your family can experience these shows while still staying within your vacation budget.

Our favorite Pigeon Forge shows with free admission for kids are:

3. Window Shopping

shopping in Pigeon ForgeThere are a ton of shops found in and around Pigeon Forge. These stores are where you and your group can find a variety of souvenirs and home decor items that you can’t find anywhere else.

Now, we know we are you are reading this to find things to do in Pigeon Forge on a budget, and that doesn’t always include going on a shopping spree. But, you can still visit these stores and window shop. We promise you will be impressed by their stunning displays. Plus, you will most likely find something you like and want to take home with you.

Pigeon Forge attractions at Dollywood4. Visit Dollywood-TWICE

Dollywood, by far, is one of the most popular attractions in Pigeon Forge. The amusement park is home to thrilling roller coasters, delicious restaurants and snack shops, entertaining music shows, exotic wildlife displays, unique craft stores, and more! Needless to say, you and your loved ones or group will have no trouble creating fun memories when you visit Dollywood.

What if we were to tell you that you can experience all this fun and excitement twice during your trip while only paying for one? This is possible thanks to Dollywood offering free next day admission for all guests who arrive at the park after 3 p.m. This amazing deal allows you to double your fun for half the price.

5. Ride the Pigeon Forge Trolley

Pigeon Forge Trolley BusIf you are looking for a fun and cheap way to explore the area, look no further than the Pigeon Forge trolley system. For a little over $2 a day, per person, you and your family or group and ride all around town, visiting all your favorite attractions. It is as if you will have your own personal chauffeur during your vacation.

By riding the trolley, you won’t have to worry about using all of your gas, putting extra wear on your vehicle or not having your entire group fit in one car.

For a list of current routes and fare prices, visit the Pigeon Forge Trolley’s website at http://www.pigeonforgetrolley.org/.

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